January 2009 to Present: Deutsche Bank, Information Technology Country Head – Taiwan

·     Develop automated solution for Schedule of Services (SoS) for APAC Branch offices

·     Provided budget, design and management of Equities Cash/F&O application migration from Solaris to Linux

·     Coordinated operational management between IT, Operations, Facilities, Audit, Compliance and Finance

·     Responsible for the management for Banking and Equities Information Technology team members

·     Provided solution for operations process stream-lining Cash Operations, MTOPS and Payment Cash Operations

·     Project manager for the ASG Index Arbitrage deployment

·     Project manager for Avaya telephone migration project using IP telephony

·     Streamlined financial payments

·     Reduced operational related support costs and annual hardware/software budgets

·     Reduced the cost of the Taiwan Futures and Options implementation project by virtualizing hardware and renegotiating software costs

·     Managed the design, cost analysis and implementation of Taiwan Futures and Options implementation project

·     Responsible for the coordination of Disaster Recovery Planning/Testing for Investment Banking and Equities

·     Developed software to automate program trading settlement data reorganization to streamline straight-thru-processing

·     Organization Committee member for the Deutsche Bank Taiwan 30 Year Anniversary event

·     APAC regional workshop instructor for Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

·     Member of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and RARE committee award teams

·     Chairman of the Taiwan Welfare Committee

May 2006 to October 2008: UBS, Head of Information Technology

September 2006 to 2008: UBS, Equities Division, Director - Head of Information Technology – Taiwan

·     Managed regional project to standardize IT documentation throughout Asia Pacific region

·     Developed documentation for computing system process and procedures to insure systems are Sarbanes-Oxley compliant

·     Responsible for the global coordination of Taiwan Saturday Trading

·     Responsible for project coordination of all application development, implementation and integration into regional systems

·     Project manager for Business Continuity Planning (BCP) site upgrade to provide program trading

·     Created detailed system diagrams for all Equities related infrastructure and application flow

·     Improved software change control process to improve software development and release of locally developed applications to enhance the existing GCMS release management

·     Developed financial payment process to track all IT expenses

·     Responsible for the monthly review of all application user accounts (SOX requirement review)

·     Responsible for the standardization and auto-renewal of all vendor contracts

·     Performed evaluation of Futures and Options software vendors in Taiwan after existing vendor. Responsible for the migration from EDS Futures and Options software to Kway XFutures software

May 2006 to September 2006: UBS, Investment Banking, Fixed Income / Bond Trading – Taiwan

·     Responsible for the BCP site selection and design for Investment Banking, Weath Management and Asset Management

·     Worked together with a team to create new Bond Trading business for Taiwan office.  Responsibility to include driving project to a successful completion

·     Developed documentation to insure computing systems comply with security regulations associated to OTC (GreTai) and UBS

August 2005 to May 2006: Q3Sports, Asia Operations, Partner – USA/Taiwan

·     Responsible for sourcing products in Asia (Taiwan, Shanghai, Hong Kong) to be sold in the USA

·     Responsible for creating website and hiring webmaster

·     Responsible for setting up email, website and DNS servers

August 2003 to August 2005: Deutsche Bank, Equities IT / Relationship Manager, Associate Vice-President - Taiwan

·     Responsible for relationship management between Information Technology and Equities teams

·     Provided IT management for the deployment of  Equities related projects

·     Responsible for providing IT related financial reports, budgeting, and procurement of server, networking and telco equipment

·     Responsible for insuring execution servers were in compliance with Taiwan Stock Exchange regulations

·     Provided a solution to a 2 year existing telephone problem with PABX after 1 month of analysis

·     Provided project management for the design and implementation of the XBOS (Back Office System) project

·     Managed trade floor support for AOMS (Asia Order Management System), Market Trader (MKI), Kway, Bloomberg, and Systex

·     Project manager for the upgrade of all Equities desktops from Windows NT to Windows XP

·     Managed the Market Data firewall (Checkpoint) upgrade implementation and testing

·     Project manager for the reimplementation of the Kway Order Execution System (KOES) to improve redundancy and enhance system performance

·     Responsible for communication management with internal Deutsche Bank and external Taiwan Stock Exchange auditors

·     Developed high-level integration diagrams to describe network infrastructure, server interconnectivity, rack space utilization, office layout, and network patching

·     Developed detailed schematic diagrams for Kway (KOES/KBOS, KTBS, XBOS and Pricefeeders), Systex, MKI (Market Trader), PABX, Avistar, and networking infrastructure (patch panel and Cisco switch port configurations)

·     Designed KSH scripts to auto-document system configurations for Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) compliance

·     Established guidelines for vendor software development documentation and change control

·     Responsible for insuring morning tests of Kway Order Execution Systems (KOES) are performed to insure system integrity

·     Designed KSH script to automate morning system tests and system tape backups.

September 1999 to August 2003: TheOne Technology Group/DynaComware, Chief Technical Officer

     November 2001 to August 2003: DynaComware, Chief Technical Officer - Taiwan

     ·     Responsible for project managing the integration of  technology during corporate merger of TheOne.com and DynaComware

     ·     Project Manager for the removal of all illegal software from DynaComware's servers and desktops

     ·     Determined budgetary requirements for new hardware and legal software purchases

     ·     Created SOP's and Corporate Computing Compliance documents to prevent employee installation of illegal software

     ·     Developed infrastructure process and control documentation for hardware and software

     ·     Provided management for the design and implementation of a new data center to house corporate computing infrastructure

     ·     Implemented standardization constraints for all infrastructure related purchases

     ·     Managed weekly meetings for infrastructure and application team managers

     September 1999 to November 2001: TheOne Technology Group, Chief Technical Officer (.com start-up)- USA/Taiwan

     ·     Presented concept and implementation plans to investors and venture capitalists to secure funding for start-up

     ·     Assembled understanding of international import/export laws for shipping server equipment throughout Asia

     ·     Determined the hardware and software budgetary requirements for multi-national corporate infrastructure

     ·     Responsible for the management and deployment of international infrastructure in USA, Taiwan, and Hong Kong

     ·     Provided management for the designed and implementation of data center for 200 language translation servers

     ·     Developed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP's) for the deployment of Windows NT 4.0/2000 servers/desktops

     ·     Developed process and procedures for Solaris/UNIX and Windows NT/2000 server backups

     ·     Configured Windows NT/2000 servers to provide web browsing (IIS) and database services (SQL Server 7)

     ·     Implemented Sun Solaris servers to provide DNS, web services (Apache), and POP3 email services

     ·  Designed Email system with Pop-Authentication before relaying (Anti-relaying), junk Email rejection, and Email statistics

     ·     Developed Java and system software to provide a web based solution for client utilizing Java, PERL, and ksh

March 1997 to June 1999: Morgan Stanley Asia Limited – Hong Kong

     March 1999 to June 1999: Taiwan Office Build Project Manager

     ·  Designed Morgan Stanley Taiwan UNIX computing solution

     ·  Collected hardware, software, budgetary and Y2K requirements from business units

     ·  Provided system level analysis for Market Data vendor evaluation (Kway versus Systex)

     ·  Produced detailed timelines to insure project satisfies required deadlines

     ·  Coordinated design teams for: Windows NT, UNIX, Market Data, Voice and Data Networking infrastructure

     ·  Reviewed infrastructure designs to insure redundancy and reliability

March 1997 to March 1999: Non-Japan Asia Regional UNIX Infrastructure and Market Data IT Manager

·     Provided Asia regional management for UNIX Systems Administrators and Market Data teams

·     Responsible for managing weekly team meetings and distributing project assignments

·     Responsible for UNIX and Market Data infrastructure relocation to new data center

·     Managed UNIX system upgrades and infrastructure redesign

·     Developed SOP's for designing, documenting, implementing infrastructure for systems administrators

·     Coordinated upgrade from Sun OS to Solaris for 200+ Sun-Solaris servers and their redundant systems

·     Provided Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK) VAX/VMS systems management support and training for SEHK software Single Name Option Reports and Daily Margin Requirements

·     Analyzed and documented SEHK, UNIX and IBM mainframe process flow

·     Redesigned SEHK VAX/VMS computer system:

          · Upgraded VAX to DEC Alpha, installed TOPS software, simplified printing of Single Named Option reports, provide Y2K compliance and Y2K StreetWide testing of DEC Alpha system

·     Responsible for the provision of Market Data services: Bloomberg, Reuters, and Telerate

·     UNIX, Market Data, and VAX/VMS Year 2000 (Y2K) project team manager responsible for testing Y2K compliance

·     Standardize UNIX and VAX/VMS documentation utilizing a web based solution

July 1996 to March 1997: The GAP, Inc., Senior UNIX Systems Administrator Consultant / Project Manager - USA

·     Designed, installed and configured Sun Solaris servers

·     Determined hardware and software requirements for Data Warehousing system. Built Data Warehousing system

·     Provided training to new Systems Administrators concerning UNIX computer systems and operations

·     Designed computer room layout for UNIX systems in remote offsite facility

·     Configured Token Ring and FDDI on Sun-Solaris systems

·     Responsible for installation and testing of Symmetrix EMC2 disk array solution

·     Monitored system performance, then provided systems performance tuning for Oracle and Informix database servers by modifying system kernel parameters for disk I/O, paging, shared memory, semaphores, and message queuing

·     Established network communications to provide database communications between UNIX systems and mainframe

·     Documented startup, shutdown, testing and maintenance procedures to ensure system integrity

·     Developed system logbooks to preserve: schematic diagrams, system configurations, inventory of system hardware purchases, event logs, and system software integration documentation

January 1996 to June 1996: Pacific Bell Internet Services, Senior UNIX Systems Administrator/Project manager Consultant - USA

·     Designed High-Availability (HA) system utilizing Sun Cluster 2000's, Storage Arrays, console subsystem, and terminal server

·     Designed redundant console sub-system for High-Availability systems to prevent console single point of failure

·     Identified additional single points of failure and provided solutions to Sun Microsystems, Inc.

·     Installed SPARC 2000E cluster test system

·     Designed and implemented computer facility to house servers

·     Developed Disaster Recovery Plan and Standard Operating Procedures documents for Data Center

·     Collected system performance data and tuned systems to increase disk I/O on Oracle database server

·     Installed and configured Online-Disksuite (Solstice-Disksuite) to provide concatenation and mirroring of file systems

·     Designed k-shell (ksh) scripts to automate system backups

·     Provided solution for offsite storage of backup and archival tapes

·     Established Sun to mainframe (MVS) data communications for phone payment solution

·     Installed and configured ISDN data communications for credit card verification

·     Developed system configuration schematics for system documentation

·     Installed and configured Veritas Volume Manager

October 1995 to January 1996: J. Frank Consulting, Senior UNIX Systems Administrator Consultant - USA

Charles Schwab/Pacific Telesis projects:

·     Designed c-shell scripts to monitor UNIX system performance and gather performance data

·     Designed, implemented and tested system software, in C and c-shell, to analyze system performance data

·     Developed reconfiguration plan to reorganize disk drives to provide better performance

·     Reorganized file systems on server to improve disk performance on SPARC Storage Array using Volume Manager (VM)

·     Installed and configured Online-Disksuite (ODS) to improve client disk performance and provide redundancy

·     Modified system kernel parameters to improve performance on Lotus Notes server

·     Provided system performance tuning on Windows 3.1 and Windows-95 to increase client system performance

August 1995 to September 1995: Quantum Consulting, Senior UNIX Systems Administrator Consultant - USA

·     Collected data for computer system monitoring and performance tuning

·     Provided tuning modifications to system kernel parameters to improve system performance on disk I/O

·     Installed Solaris 2.x operating system in preparation for Sun OS to Solaris 2.x system upgrade

·     Reconfigured Sun OS 4.1.3 system kernels

March 1995 to July 1995: Sun Microsystems, US Answer Center, Senior UNIX Systems Administrator Consultant - USA

·     Provided telephone support to Sun Microsystems customers unable to resolve hardware and software issues

·     Provided solutions to Sun Microsystems customer questions regarding:

          · Sun OS 4.1.x, Solaris 2.x, SPARC Storage Arrays, Online Disksuite, booting/configuring operating system, installing boot blocks, formatting/partitioning drives, shells and scripts, packages, patches, and general UNIX commands

June 1992 to March 1995: Genentech, Inc., Medical Affairs Division, Senior UNIX Systems Administrator - USA

·     Developed SOP's, Validation Protocols, and Test Procedures to comply with FDA computer system validation requirements

·     Responsible for handling FDA computer system audits for Medical Affairs division

·     Developed a set of computer system validation logbooks for FDA audits

·     Forecast computer operations (MIS) budget requirements

·     Coordinated and lead conversion project from DEC Ultrix systems to a Sun Center 2000

·     Configured Online Disksuite to provide data redundancy and improved system performance

·     Provided system performance-tuning by monitoring and modifying system parameters

·     Provided monthly reports of system performance and disk space utilization

·     Responsible for installing and maintaining NCD Xwindow terminals

·     Installed and configured Web services

·     Designed system software in C to:

          · automate X-window terminal installation configuration

          · provide additional printing capabilities on Postscript printers

·     Developed scripts to automate backups to local and remote tape drives

August 1988 to June 1992: McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Space Station Division - USA

     August 1991 to June 1992: Avionic Systems, VAX/VMS Systems Manager/UNIX Systems Administrator

     · Continued software development and support of Artificial Intelligent systems while accepting additional systems management and network responsibilities for Apollo, Sun and Macintosh systems

     · Automated system backups on Apollo-UNIX systems

     · Configured Apollo to function as a router for other Apollo systems to reduce network traffic

     · Responsible for:

          · purchasing hardware and software

          · relocation of government furnished computer systems

          · creating and updating maintenance contracts

          · organize training classes

          · forecasting the needs of the systems and the users

     · Configured Sun computer systems to support Tektronix Xwindow terminals

August 1988 to August 1991: Artificial Intelligence, VAX/VMS/UNIX Systems Administrator / Software Engineer

·     Responsible for the management of VAX/VMS, MIPs, DECstation, Sun, and IBM/compatible systems

·     Performed installation of operating systems, layered products and their licenses on VAX/VMS systems

·     Provided performance tuning on DEC systems by monitoring, modifying system parameters, and defragmenting disks

·     Designed, developed and tested Inference Engine in Ada

·     Implemented optimization techniques on Ada Inference Engine to reduce inferencing times on production system

·     Accomplished the task of designing an Ada preprocessor for the Ada Inference Engine

·     Responsible for testing Ada compiler portability

·     Developed benchmark test suite for the comparison of Ada and C Artificial Intelligence production systems

·     Performed Ada sizing comparisons to aid in the Space Station Freedom Program's selection of an Ada compiler

·     Designed and implemented C software utilizing Borland C/C++ for 3-D targeting and tracking system for DoD

April 1985 to August 1988: Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Software Engineer - USA

·     Designed systems and applications software, on a VAX/VMS system, for chemistry Laboratory Information Management System utilizing the Ingres relational database in SQL and C-EQUEL

·     Designed software, in C and FORTRAN, for 3-D plots, to visualize ground-water

·     Generated plots include: surfaces, contours, and point-and-annotations

·     Developed DCL system software to automate backups for word processing on VAX/VMS systems

·     Designed data reduction and calculation software for gas chromatography laboratories in C


     BS in Computer Science, San Diego State University, 1982 to 1987

     Secondary emphasis (minor): Physics - Electronic Circuit Design


     Cisco (3508/3524/3548 fiber switches)

     Compaq (DL360/DL380 (Windows NT/2000), StorageWorks 4100)

     Clariion Disk Array

     DEC-Alpha (VMS/DCL)

     DECstation 3100 (Ultrix / UNIX)

     DEC-VAX 8800 (VMS / DCL)

     EMC Disk Array (Symmetrix)

     Fujitsu 650

     HP-Apollo (Domain OS / UNIX)

     IBM PS/2 (AIX / UNIX)

     IBM Compatible (DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Solaris)

     Sun Center/Cluster 1000E/2000E (Solaris v2.x / UNIX)

     Sun D1000 DiskArray

     Sun Enterprise E3000/E4000/E5000/E6000/E220R/E420R/T5240 (Solaris v2.x / UNIX)

     Sun StarFire v440/v880 (Solaris 2.x / UNIX)

     Sun SPARC 10/20 (Sun OS 4.1.3 & Solaris v2.x / UNIX)

     Sun ULTRA 1/2/5 (Solaris v2.x / UNIX)

     WatchGuard RedBox Firewall

Programming Languages:



     C (Borland, Microsoft, UNIX, VAX)

     csh (C-shell)




     ksh (Korn Shell)



Related Courses:

     Managing for Results I

     Managing for Results II

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     DEC VMS Systems Management I

     DEC VMS Systems Performance Management

     DEC VAX LISP Programming

     Symbolic Programming in VAX LISP

     DEC Windows (X Windows) programming     

     C Language Programming     

     C Language Programming Intermediate

     Artificial Intelligence programming using Ada

     Advanced Ada Topic (software design)

     Tasking in Ada/Parallel Programming

     Testing Ada Software

     Software Engineering Design Techniques

     Concepts of Object Oriented Design


     DynaSave Backup review, Run!PC magazine – Taiwan Edition, October 2002, Page 152